Help I have burst in poloniex but cant receive more

i already have 1,500 burst in my poloniex account, i bought some litecoin and sold to BTC to buy burst. I have burst from other exchanges and when someone tries to send over it gives them an error message. please help !!!
my burst is BURST-7C68-TU7V-NFYA-BYMMA

Sent you one. Make a transaction (for example, set your account name). That should allow the exchange to send to you.

set account name ?

Make literally any transaction. Send yourself a message. Set your account info. Anything will suffice. It will put your public key on the blockchain, which some exchanges require for sending funds.

ive deposited funds into poloniex and my account is set up already. i dont know how to send a message though

ive tranfered litecoin from binance

Are you using the Burst wallet or are you trying to do these things through Poloniex? My advice is for the Burst wallet. You cannot do anything in Poloniex except trade, deposit, and withdraw.

trying to do through poloniex, all id like to do is trade burst

You may not be able to send Burst from Bittrex etc. to Poloniex. I’m not sure how that works so someone else may have to help you.