Help start mining burst

When I connect to the pool, I get the error {“errorDescription”: “Not enough funds”, “errorCode”: 6}
Please send me a little burst so that I can start mining.
My wallet is BURST-MCH4-74ZH-RA84-8LPBJ.
Also provide the wallet address where I can return the coins. Thank you very much for your help!

Hi there, you need to set your reward recipient. Do you know how to do that?

Thanks for the manual, it is very detailed.
I took the steps that are written in the block “How to mine?”

  1. Visited the “Reward assignment page”.
  2. Filled in the fields: “Reward recipient” and “Your secret passphrase”.
  3. Got an error: {“errorDescription”: “Not enough funds”, “errorCode”: 6}

I need to send 0.1 burstcoin to wallet pool. Repeat steps 1-2. After that, I can mine on this pool. It’s right?

Correct, I will send you some now :slight_smile: