Help to get re-started :)


Hello All ( and Merry Christmas)

After a while away from burstcoin, i want to come back. As for that i need some help on:

  • HDD 100GB - which pool is recommended? ( 24/7 online)

  • Cloud drive ( 1TB storage for burst use) why i can’t plot it? Its like dropbox but i have 2TB and i can use 1.5TB just for burst. The servive is called pcloud and it adds a network drive to my pc

  • Any faucet paying? BURST-AX89-CCNU-SEK2-7MCFE needs 1 burst to set reward assignement

Thanks in advance for the help


anyone can give me some help/advice on the plotting/mining part?


Sent you a couple to start you out again.

A cloud drive is not worth mining with. 100GB will not get you much of anything with mining either…maybe 6 Burst per month.


thank you very much.
As i don’t have any cost keeping it working everything is profit :slight_smile: