Help to start, thanks


I am new to BURST. My installation is OK, but I can’t start mining because i can’t find a few coins to start.
All the faucets are down or empty.
Can somebody send me a few coins that I will return them as soon as I start to earn by mining.
Thanks !


Sent you a few. Pay it forward.


Thank you very much :slight_smile:


hi !
someone want help me please my wallet BURST-VUKH-FY74-Q5N3-HL64S
thank youuuuu


Sent some to you, too.


thank you so mucj :blush:


hi, have you a few coins to start, please ?




Sent you a few to get started.


thanks a lot !


Hi @beernik51 @swarme,
welcome to GETBURST!
Happy to see that you are ready to mine and join the BURST family.
That is awesome! :smiley:
Have fun and see you around.

@FlippyCakesas always, thank you so much for helping the new comers.
You my friend are awesome!


I realize that my initial posting here was a bit over done, so here goes…

@swarme , The coins provided by community members should be used for paying the transaction fees when you start mining and need to select a pool… not for spending at the casino. As there has been a lot of abuse of the faucets and of those in the community who donate, I got upset at seeing that your wallet had already been funded and was emptied into the casino… I’m sure you understand.

If someone else decides to help you out, maybe just set your pool assignment and mine a few coins of your own to fund the casino… just a thought.

@ryanw and all of the @admins and @moderators , sorry for bringing the negativity here. I kinda way over-reacted… I meant it, but should have said it in a way that has it’s place on your forum.


Thank you @whateveryousayman. In the end we all know you have the community’s best interests in mind :slight_smile:


i am new to mining Burst!!! I need a coin to get started, please help if you can.


i am currently running 3 seagate 6tb and 1 wd 2tb


A few are heading your way.


@burstinbubbles welcome to GETBURST :slight_smile:
It is a great place and people are awesome.
Good luck mining and have a great time.
See you around :blush:


help me, please…
My wallet : BURST-G664-DFX2-D8AG-H44A2


Sent a few your way.


Thank you, for send brust…


Hi @ccg1967 welcome to GETBURST.
I am happy to see that you got some help and you are ready to start mining :slight_smile:
If you need help just ask, everyone here is awesome.
Have a great time and see you around :sunny: