Hey guys


New burster here.
I’m from Austria and only recently heard about burstcoin. I have not gotten into any mining other coins yet, mainly because of initial and operating cost reasons. I started solo mining in Aug. and have mined my 2nd block last week :slight_smile:
I use an old c2d pc with all HDD’s I had lying around thrown in. started with8 drives, all in all 5TB, now I’m @ ~ 10TB. I hope to increase my cap with some more cheap drives if possible.


Hey Zonk,

Welcome aboard! I see you got the bug too! This frustrating, addictive, super fun new bug, Have fun!


@zonk You started with Burst in how it was intended. Everyone should be able to mine with what they have. After that, you it may get out of control and the next thing you know, you have 20 8Tb drives sitting in front of you :wink: Welcome! You have gotten into Burst at a great time, development has kickstarted and we’re growing fast!



I was wondering about Burstcoin’s future, but since I do not have anything invested into it yet I don’t mind if the old crap runs for nothing :wink:

I will say it is a bit frustrating since it takes very long to mine a block. Friend of mine started around the same time and still has not mined anything.
I don’t see a reason to join a pool however since payout should be the same or better for solo mining If I understood it correctly.

Yeah, I saw the new versions, but honestly most of it does not work yet.
The new wallet has datatype errors when downloading the blockchain
New Miner crashes
I’m staying with the older versions for now.


Welcome to Burst @zonk !

Good to see new members coming into the community :slight_smile:


Hi @zonk, welcome to GETBURST and all the fun!
I can see that you are already into it and started having a great time.
Everyone is awesome here and as you can see and read we all have the same problem.
We are BURST addicts :joy:
I have a great time and keep us posted on your mining evolution.
See you around :slight_smile:


“Upgraded” my mining rig with my old 6core AMD Phenom… which no one wanted to buy.
It seems plenty good for it, overclocked it a bit - It can even plot at a somewhat decent rate, around 6kn/m.