Hey there, I seemed to have lost my mind, has anyone seen it?


Just figured maybe someone saw it somewhere, I can’t seem to figure out where the damn thing went, well, anyways, wheres everyone at? @haitch poke is this the new place? I assume it is o.o


I don’t think he signed up yet, but sooner or later he will. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well then o.o;; yay.


wait so… i’m kind of out of the loop, why IS there a new place o.O? anything else going on?


Pretty sure Ryanw wanted to make a forum free of drama, which is perfect for the burst community atm :smile:


Hum… the forum I remember didn’t really have a lot… H’s place… but i’ve been gone for like a month at least too busy to keep tabs on it, maybe I missed something i dunno.


trust me, there was a lot of drama being thrown from both sides, I hope we can prevent it here too :wink:


I’ll take your worth for it sir, perhaps I’m just oblivious to reality xD


@Kit I have been wanting to work on a separate Burst hub for a long time, and finally got around to putting this forum up…I think Burst has a lot of growth in its near future, and there’s room for a lot of different communities :slight_smile:


Nothing wrong with that sir.


Hey @Kit,
welcome to GETBURST :slight_smile:
@Haitch has now joined and he is around somewhere.
Hope you have fun.


I dunno about that… you mean something exists other than work?


BURST and sparkles!


Oh hey, it’s that guy. and… he keeps clapping over and over and over… must be his own personal hell. o.O


It took me a while but I found the best one.
His hands are screaming!