Hi Burstlovers,


Hi Burstlovers,

My name is Jan.

I really would like to get into burstcoins. (and the mining of it)
Currently i have plotted 1tb and i am mining in pool.burstcoin.sk.
Without results… No pay-outs so far.

Now it comes, i had 1 burst in my wallet (from a faucet) and to set rewardassignment i needed to pay 1 burst.
But with only 1 burst in my wallet i assume i only payed the wallet fee instead of the 1 burst to the pool?

Shoot me iff i am wrong :innocent:

I hope someone can clear this up for me…



The 1 Burst was used to pay the fee to notify (and record on) the network that you were mining on behalf of the pool. That’s all that’s necessary. No Burst has to actually transfer to the pool’s account during reward assignment.


Ah ha, thank you FlippyCakes!!

I just had it run the whole day, and now see my burstadres in the pool’s historic shares as well.!
And i have a payment of 0.02 burst from the pool. :sob:
I’ll just let it run overnight and then we will see again tomorrow.



@JanKlaas hey happy to meet a BURST lover,
I hope your mining adventures get better.
Don’t give up and good luck :slight_smile:


@Estie_Trixie I won’t give up… ( i can’t XD ) Its a little disappointing to come home and see I’ve got payed like 1,8 BURST within the last 48 hours, so i’m most likely ending up buying more TB’s within the next months… :rolling_eyes: :christmas_tree:
I am honestly pretty amused by reading the awesome blogs online, and knowledge sharing community within this '‘young’'coin. :slight_smile: Still need to learn a lot tho, but it’s interesting so yay. :nerd:

Thank you, and the same to you :slight_smile: