Hi every one new at Burst

Just finish plotting my 8TB external Hard Drive. Starting mining solo but it looks like I may be better off looking for a pool to join. I tried to joining a pool but I need burst coin to start.

Please help me out…

  1. don’t know which pool to join
  2. I don’t have any burst coin to join a pool.

I was available to get 1 burst coin from burstpay only. I already used it to setup my wallet
please help me out get the burst coin a need to join a pool.
my burst wallet is BURST-4DW9-2SV4-GZFZ-95PTH
Thanks to everyone for support the burst community… guys are awesome!!

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sent you 1 burst … for 8tb i can recommend the https://0-100-pool.burst.cryptoguru.org/, it takes ~1day for your historical share to build up and after that you will get very consistent payments.


Thank you… so much !!

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Hi there,

Just wanted to thank you again for the help. Have mining some burstcoins this weekend. I have also already return the help to some else in this forum to get them started on there mining venture…

I have pay it forward…

Thank you…

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