Hi Everyone!


Been bursting now for about 2 weeks, just started successfully mining last week. Was given 5 coins to get me started, and bought about 2000 more on Poloniex.

Overall, I’m looking forward to watching this thing blow up so that we can all be rich!

Look forward to getting to know you all!


Welcome @selobde.

I did the same.
I’m currently mining with 40TB to support the community, but also bought with some BTC profits, just in case.

Hoping we hit it big one day. If not it was a fun ride.

Welcome to the community.


Thanks for the welcome @MasterMC!


Welcome! Right now is the time to be stacking up Burst! It has a long road ahead, but it will be well worth it in the future.


I couldn’t agree more!


I am bursting with excitement. I am newbie and still figuring things out. I posted a question on one of the forums about a purchase of Burst Coins that I made on Bittrex but I don’t know which Burst account of mine they went to.


I just want to welcome you :slight_smile: hello


Have you gotten any help on this yet?


No, not yet.


You should be able to review your transaction and within that should be the exact BURST wallet info that the coins went to.


Yes, I did figure out how to pull up the details of the transaction on Bittrex. I got a message saying that I Bittrex sent me an email asking me to verify the Burst account details. So problem solved.


@selobdewelcome to GETBURST,
I am really happy you decided to join us.
Thank you so much for helping @leewriter1 that is super cool :slight_smile:


That what communities do! :sunglasses: