Hi from sunny South Africa


Hi everyone

I came across Burst yesterday whilst researching the potential for block-chain technology, really exciting stuff with huge potential for the future, thought I might as well play a small part and Burst looks like an easy way to get involved.

Would appreciate a couple of Bursts to get my mining going. My Burst ID is BURST-LSGT-88DT-WQVF-D22LM

Off to explore the rest of the forum and learn more about what Iā€™m getting myself into :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy days!


Sent a few your way. Welcome!


Welcome to GETBURST @OMB,
it is great to see that you are ready to mine.
You are now a BURSTer, awesome!
You are going to love it here, as you can already see everyone is great and ready to help.
Burst does have a great potential and a bright future.
Have fun exploring the forum.
See you around :blush:


Thanks very much :smile:


Thank you :sunny: