Hi guy's/girls, Need a coin to get started. Help will be loudly enjoyed!


Hi all…AlphaDelta here… as a brand new Burst miner…

It is a journey to get to this point so far…
but my local wallet is Up and running, got a 4 TB HHD plotted…and a 5TB and more comming up…
Gonna slowly work towards 200 TB or more… we will see…

But need a bit of help now in a Coin form… Please someone help me out.


Will be happy to pay back.

Kind regards,



sent you one to help out, suggested reading below


Very much appriciated!.

I’m up and running… (solo for now)


probably better to join a pool with on 4TB

I’m running 35TB and I still wouldn’t bother trying solo


Hi… Today I returned your Intitial Burst to get me started…

F.y.i … I will take your POOL advice, after my drives are ploted.
Today I started my last drive to plot…Tommorrow I wil have 18 TB online… (+/- 16.8 TB in real live)
Will be upgraded frequenly (i hope)

I f the last plot is done I will switch to GPU driven HDD minening…
Also some new parts will come in this week… the USB Controller and HUB.

I the procces of searching and sellecting a SATA PCI Controller for 10 drives or so…
Any Idea’s on that?


Look for a SAS2 controller, these are usually more readily available.

You can also look for 8,12,16, etc, -bay servers on ebay that have all the hardware you need.