Hi Guys I'm looking for a burst to get me started


Hi Guys I’m looking for a burst to get me started, thanks.
I hope I can generate some for other people as well, for as long as my hardware allows.



sent you a couple to get going

here’s a good resource worth reading


Thank you, I’ll get that back to you when I’ve mined some block,
my miner has been running for a couple of weeks now, nothing seems to be happening.



Are you trying to mine solo?


yes, is that wrong


how many TB have you got plotted?


just 2 to start with im waiting for a 30tb machine to be retired from service as well


yeah, then you’re pretty much wasting your time, better to join a pool, I think you need at least 100TB to mine solo


ok that makes sense, I’ll go and find one.

thanks again



look for a pool that supports smaller miners

I mine on this one which is small miner friendly http://burstpool.cloud/


will do thanks


do you fancy swapping some bitcoin for some burst, I seem to have run out of burst, if so send a recipient address.



sent you 2 more, suggest you read that link I posted above if you haven’t done so yet.


thanks 6 I owe you then,