Hi im new here i got some coins


Hello there friends, New here,

I would like to know you guys think the vale of burst may go up to 10.00 per coin next year? or just a 1.00 what you guy think?


Hi Eddy, are you saying $10 per coin? I don’t think it will get that high…that is a really big move in price, about 200X current value. I would like to think it will move to 0.05-0.10 by the end of this year, but I can’t really make any predictions past that until there are more releases by the PoC Consortium


How many coins in total can ever be produced? Was there ever a cut off point ?

Ripple blew it with making so many if you ask me. 5- 10 billion is a good cut off in my opinion, but I’m not in charge. Looks crazy to mine as far as how many drives vs costs etc.


I just on my phone right now, so I don’t remember the exact numbers…I want to say 1.8 billion currently exist, and 2.2 billion will ever exist. Right now, people that are mining are not looking at a decent time period for any ROI. But, by mining, you are helping secure the network, and also are betting on prices going higher in the future :slight_smile:

XRP…I agree it’s a lot to have out there. It must be part of their very long term plan…that XRP will be around for a long, long time, and be used by a lot of people/organizations.


That wasn’t clear on anything I’ve ever read, there’s only going to be 2.2 billion coins ever? I’m going to buy even more now that I know that. I thought it was undecided as it said something about a 5% difficulty increase at 2.5 billion I thought I read?

That’s probably why there isn’t as many investors because, well the site is in pieces and it’s not easy to understand exactly what it is and how many etc.

I read some technical notes :memo: looked like it was out of an X-ray mfg lab :microscope: I worked at and I said… these guys are legitimate with what they are doing.

Please confirm that amount of you can so I can sell some things to buy even more of these. It’s incredible that Burst Coins were the smart Coin before Eutherium and have to take a back seat.

I just want to know the final amount of coins ever produced will be 2.2 or 2.5 billion and I’m going to do 3 cartwheels :man_cartwheeling:


Ok, I have went and found a post by Lexicon referring to the total amount of Burst that will even exist. According to him, there will only ever be 2,158,812,800 Burst ever mined. The block reward (the amount of new coins released per block) is currently at 1577, and that decreases by 5% approximately every month.

The community has been dealing with DDoS attacks, and server outages for the past few months…but I have been working to create more websites and then this forum to help get the word out.

Yes! Burst was the first coin to have smart contracts. It’s something that most people don’t know…and I think in the coming months, that feature will be taken advantage of.

Edit, I retract my statement about getting infinitesimally small…wasn’t thinking clearly. It of course will be hitting the hard limit instead of going on forever.


That should be on the first page in bold for the new website!!! Totally adding as much as I can each week.


Hi @eddy101,
welcome to GETBURST :slight_smile:Glad to see you are already getting into it!
Great keep it up, BURST will be going back up I am certain, and the growth will be beautiful.
Just need to be patient and it will grow in a nice organic way that will benefit everyone.
10$ might be a bit much, you never know :wink:
Have fun and keep it up.

@ryanw I think @Stazio has a great idea. We should defensively post the amount of BURST out there and if possible the amount left to mine.


I wonder if I can get something simple made that just tracks that…


Don’t know, but it would be awesome!
There must be some genius that can help us with that :smiley_cat:


From a Burst network visualization tool I’m working on:

//requires BigInteger js library

function getBlockReward(height) {
  var month;
  if (height < 1 || height > 1944000) {
    return 0;
  month = parseInt(height / 10800);
  return bigInt(10000).multiply(bigInt(95).pow(month)).divide(bigInt(100).pow(month)).value;

function getCoinsMined(chainHeight) {
  var height = 1;
  var total = 0;
  var percent = 0;
  for (1; height <= chainHeight; height += 1) {
    total += getBlockReward(height);
  percent = (total / 2158812800) * 100;
  return total;

var totalCoinsMined = getCoinsMined(chainHeight);

I’ve removed some application specific code but it should work. It runs slow so in my app I break the loop randomly and then recall it a few hundred milliseconds later so the js thread isn’t blocked for too long.


Thank you so much @FlippyCakes :slight_smile:
That is awesome, can’t wait to see it in action.
I am certain that @ryanw will love that and every Burster.


Awesome, I’ve bookmarked that. I’m currently putting together a dell 1950 to run some things off of. This would be good to run off of that too :wink:

Thanks @FlippyCakes


Eddy, year has passed…price of burst met your expectation?
as I can see it didn’t
long term plan as Ryanw wrote )))
frankly saying now I’m looking the other ways

maybe there is a sense to try MGO for example? I’m not sure anyway. I’ve just heard MobileGo started partnership with Xsolla. Do you think it’s worth considering? I mean value of this altcoin and etc.