Hi out there


Hi, I just joined and could need some startup help.
With the first faucet burst I could activate my account and I also downl,oaded the blockchain completely.
So now it’s just one more burst I need to set the mining as I understood…



Hi @DerkMR welcome to GETBURST. Happy to see you are ready to get started.
I sent a couple,4 BURST your way.
Have a great time and fun :smiley:
See you around


@DerkMR Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay!


Thanks for the startup help!

Only after moving the burst wallet do a different drive it downloads the blockchain again and even copying it from downloaded zip doesn’t work…


Are you saying you are still having trouble syncing?


While initially I could copy the downloaded blockchain to the db folder after moving the complete installation to a different drive it doesn’t let me do this again and it keeps downloading it.
I take it as bad luck but the time is also needed to plot the disk so I do both at the same time.


OK, everything up and working now.
Just a question regarding the statistics - in the historic blocks view at burst4all pool there are payouts with xx.xxD/yy.yyP - what does this stand for and why are the figures so different from user to user even with the same capacity, share and rewards listed?


The D values are deferred payments - Burst earned but not yet paid - the P values are the Burst paid out.


Oh, one more question - can I also use NAS drives?


Yep - you can use any drive your PC can access.


OK, so today I managed to get the NAS up (old hardware but it was still sealed) and tried to use it, but…
Doing it from local wallet only results in creation of the folder “burst” with the corresponding files. Then it stops and drops error 3 for not being able to create the folder “plots”. If I create the folder manually the error remains the same.
The folder is set to public without access restrictions I’m aware of and the task runs with admin privileges.
The NAS is an Iomega Home Network Drive.
But… When I use the open command line and try to change drive to the network drive it tells me that the drive isn’t found, so this is the issue and I don’t have a clue how to solve it…