Hi! ryanw here...a little about myself


Hi all, my name is Ryan, and you may have seen me around the Burst discord or the forums. I’ve been involved with Burst for several months now, and have really been wanting to create a new forum that people can enjoy.

Other than Burst, my hobbies include cooking (especially BBQ), gardening, and most things computer related. I also own and operate a small electronics salvage business…which luckily gives me a ton of hardware to play with (albeit used and old usually).

I’m hoping that Burst will go on to big things! I want this forum to be a safe haven away from the fights and drama elsewhere on the internet…just a place to have fun. Other than making money, isn’t this why we’re all involved with Burst?

Anyway, welcome, have fun, and be nice (or the boogie man will get you)!


Thank you @ryanw for building this new home for Bursters.
I am happy to BURST again and having a great time.
I knew that BURST was not dead, but just on vacation. :wink:

I can’t wait to hear some of your gardening and cooking stories.
I am certain that you have great gardening tricks and good recipes.

Tougher as a community we can make BURST awesome.
Thanks again and keep up the great work :kissing_heart:


Thanks for all your hard work setting up this community!

Can’t wait to get to know you all better and keep developing this awesome community & network.



Hi @ryanw. thanks for setting up this forum! Glad to be here as well. Agree it is much better if all dramas are left behind and we all focused on making Burst great again :slight_smile:


So we can all go to your house for BBQ


Once I can retire that sounds great :wink: Hoping Burst will make that happen sooner than later!


Great to meet you @ryanw.
I love BBQ’ing too. That’s what we do in Texas.
I’ve had my Pit Barrel Cooker/Smoker for about a year and love it.
With that and my Weber Bullet I do okay. :slight_smile: