Hi there, noob here wanting to improve knowledge


A few Burstcoin would help me get my mining rig set up. I am learning slowly! :smile:



Sent you a few.


Youre a star flippycakes… how long you been into burst?


About a year and a half, I think.


So you know a thing or two I am sure. Has it been profitable? Would you approach it differently if you were to start from scratch?


That’s a tough question. It has been profitable for me, no doubt. Both mining and trading. At one point I was one of the larger holders of Burst, but I sold off 80%+ of my Burst and diversified into other coins. I mined at a loss for about 6 months when I started, then suddenly the price of Burst shot up and I was up $2000 on my initial investment of 24TB.

Burst development has largely been stagnant since I joined. A lot of community drama drove away developers. Recently the PoCC and others have been active but the future I saw for Burst (everyone mining on their phones, one click desktop miner) has not come to pass and I think other coins are going to fill the void of a “green” coin. In particular, coins without fees like RaiBlocks or Iota are where I would invest (and have).

Burst still has a shot at being big. But it’s a longer shot than two years ago. I believe the value will still rise, as cryptocurrencies in general are going up. But I don’t know if we’re going to see $1 Burst in 2018 or even 2019.


So how much further did you go than 24TB? I have just plotted my first 3TB and awaiting the arrival of my next 16.


I never went beyond 24TB. Still mining with it today, hitting about 1.x blocks a month.