Hi! Yet another newbie here looking to get rolling! [BURST-D4VX-VFED-2L7Z-3M83Y] [Fulfilled! Thanks!]

Hi all! There’s only so much one can do to sound new and exciting amongst all these requests, so I’ll just keep things brief!

Apparently my Burst address is BURST-D4VX-VFED-2L7Z-3M83Y, and I’m excited to get going :smiley:

Thanks in advance for the help!!


I didn’t change my forum avatar since when I signed up it picked up my gravatar from my email, so this is the image I’d use anyhow :smiley:

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Sent you a couple to get started - the first time I’ve sent any since the hard fork so it’s a pretty exciting day for me as you can imagine. Good luck!


Awesome, thanks so much! I, too, am excited since this is the first time I’ve ever received any! Time to setup an alias! :smiley:

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