Hola from Mexico - Confused


Hola Everyone
I am getting excited about earning some beer money, however I am confused about the wallets. I have a burst ID for my local wallet and a diiferent ID for my cryptoguru online wallet. Do I send the reward to the pool from my local wallet or from my online wallet? I received a burst on my local wallet when I started, but the local wallet won’r start now so my one burst doesn’t show anywhere. Anyhelp is greatly appreciated



u need to sync the blockchain to see any transactions, dont matter where u log it should show same data as long as passphrase same


Thank you. I guess I needed to wait a bit longer. So now I have another issue: in order to generate a private key (or maybe public) it said to send a message. I did this so now I don’t have a burst to send a reward. Do I just need to wait a bit longer. Thanks for your help again


Here is some information I put together to get your account set up.