Home Network

Is it possible to Access other Harddrives at other Pc’s over the Home Network ?
Or must i run the Wallet on each Pc where i will use the HD ?

If you can set up network drives correctly, I don’t see why not…there is the problem of the access speed though. You probably only want to have a couple TB over network…even with a gigabit connection.

Perfekt !
I will try this again after Work. I hope that I can start Mining than.
I’m new here and maybe i receive some Cion’s to Start the Pool-Mining :slight_smile:
In the second PC are about 3 TB free space.
I hope that is enough to start and do some Pay back !
Could you maybe help getting started ?

Oh !!
You already did !!!
Perfect !
I will Payback & help New Users !

Thank you, and good luck!

You can run the miner on all of the pc’s and set the main one with the wallet as the proxy. This will work much better

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