How do I check if I have a corrupted file?


I’ve gotten a message saying

----Fast block or corrupted file?----
Sent deadline: x
Server’s deadline: y


At first I figured it was all just fast blocks, but I’ve been getting quite a few of them, and the most recent one was I think clearly not a fast block as the new block didn’t get generated until a full minute and a half after I received the error message.

I plotted several relatively small files (100 GB-1 TB), so it could be that one of them is corrupted, but not all of them, so I only get this error message from time to time.

Any help would be welcome, I’ve lost a 2 day dl share (really good for me) because of this.


I guess the better question is how to check which file is corrupted?


see log-file


Where do I find that?


And thank you for the reply.


check your miner.conf, parameter must be - “UseLog” : true.
If so - you will see folder “Logs” in miner’s folder.


Ah, gotcha. Great. Thank you. I’ve found the logs. There are a few that are much, much larger than the others, are they likely the logs of the corrupted files? What should I look for to tell if the file is corrupted?