How do I mine on a server storage bay

I was looking at buying this server
4U 36 Bay Storage Server 2x Xeon Hex Core Low Power SAS2 6Gb/s HW RAID 48GB 2PS
(Copy and past that in eBay)
But I have no clue or they work.
So they just take internal drives, all I do is plug them in right?
And can I mine burstcoin on windows with all the drive bays full of 8tb hdd each?
Or would I need to go to Linux?

Servers work more or less like desktops do…with just a lot more and different hardware. If you don’t have any experience with these types of machines, though, you could find yourself spending a lot of time trying to figure things out.

You can run whatever operating system you want on it, you just have to make sure all of the drivers are available for example the sas card.

So since I have now experience you think I should go for external drives?

I think that would definitely be easier for you to start. That is what I started with. Some people even just stick with that forever and have huge external mining rigs :slight_smile:

Well what what do you recommend I do? lol what motherboard should I get? Should I not use usb hubs?

I’ll just tell you what I did at first.

I started with an extra PC I had lying around. It was some small form factor HP desktop with an i5-2400 in it and 8GB memory. I added a cheap usb 3.0 card to it, and started that way…So all I did was spent $10 on a usb 3.0 card, and bought a couple external drives.

This only has 1 bus tho right? Won’t that slow down read times.
Rosewill PCI-E to USB 3.0 4-Port PCI Express Expansion Card (PCIe Card), 4 USB 3.0 Ports, Super Speed Up to 5Gbps, with 4 pin Male Molex Power Connector & Renesas Chipset
(Look it up on Amazon)

Yeah, it just depends on how many drives you want to put on it. There are quad channel ones available though, if you want to upgrade, they can handle a lot of drives.

But still the servers seem better tho. The server I have up above is kinda plug and play right?
All you do is install windows plug the drives in , plot then mine

I have something very similar to this. If it has the mobo included you should be fine. The hardest part will be getting an os install and then mounting the drives as folders.

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has any one successfully mined burstcoin with a storage server? I would really appreciate if anyone could help me out.

I am currently mining on 3 36 bay storage servers and 5 12 bay storage servers. I have 5 more being setup this weekend to bring my total up to 1pb of burst mining


What help do you need?

this is what I mine on. All servers.