How does block mining work?

Do they come with a variable degree of difficulty? Or is the the difficulty increasing by total nonces in the network?

I was monitoring a pool today and I saw they were at 2-3 mins and above on their deadlines. But suddenly this dude (or dudette :blush:) shows up with a DL (deadline) of 30s. Won the block ofc.

In my pool most are in weeks/months on our DL. We will never ever win comparing to the other pool… But still we do (a block here and there). The other pool still pulls in way more blocks doh…

But how does it work? Why isn’t the pool with the 30s miner pulling in all (and why is the 30s solo miner not mining alone? :laughing:).

I guess I with my 3.6TB could pull a 30s DL… But most of the times I’m at 3-4 weeks to 6 months. I’m not pushing 10min DL steady… Why is this? If my nonces suck, why not replot?

The more Tb’s you have will increase the likelihood of having a good deadline, sometimes mine are 16 days, and sometimes 30 seconds. If say you had a infinite number of nonces plotted then eventually your miner will find a very short deadline.

The block algorithm will always try to maintain an average of 4 minutes for the solution so if it gets solved to quick then it increases the difficulty. The more miners there are, the more TB’s of plotted nonces there are, so the likelihood of your 3.6 TB’s having the best Deadline reduces as more TB’s are added to the network.


But is there a way for me to calculate the likelihood of me coming up with a deadline which is less than 30 days for instance?

This has to be based of my total plot size and current network difficulty i guess.

I’m just trying to make sense of it. Because I see from my DL im offering now is anything from 30 days to 4-5 months. If I were to join BURST Ninja with a DL of max 24H I dont see myself ever getting any burst.

Here are a couple different calculators, they are estimates only over a long period of time average, some days you may have a lots of nice low deadlines and some days you wont find any.
The determining factor will be: A-How many TB’s you have, and B-How much the difficulty is/will be as more people add more TB’s

Burst ninja would definetly be the wrong pool for you. I currently mine on the fairest one i can find, that allows really long deadlines - as a recomendation


Thank you for your insight. But; is the low DL at Burst ninja just to exclude ppl with less TB to save server resources as having a larger DL would include more people and increase server traffic and therefor cost?
What benefit is there to burst ninja? They are able to snag all the low DL blocks?

Does each block come with a variable solution time to fit a DL, how does that work?

do any one know where to cheaper HDD?