How important is disk scanning speed?


I see folks posting they can scan their 5000TB in 14.2 seconds. :slight_smile:
I’m using an inexpensive CPU/MB but still using SATA and USB3 drives. My scanning is about a minute total. Does this affect my pay rate versus someone scanning faster? If so, how?



No, not really. 1 minute is good overall. I doubt anyone is scanning 5PB in 14 sec with one machine, but if they are, maybe they’re eeking out .20 cents per day over you but that equipment is probably 100 more expensive.


Ok. I was kidding about their specs and speed. I just felt inadequate compared to what I was reading.
I guess I will spend my money on more storage not a faster system.



what cpu do you have?


What RDS said, there is a benefit from being able to mine the plot faster, but it’s not a huge advantage - if you’re scanning in 1 minute, that’s a quarter of the time of the average block. The only time you’ll be risking missing out is on sub 1 minute DL’s, and the chance you have a lower DL, is really, really, low.


It’s an AMD A6-6400K running at 3.9GHz on a Biostar Hi-Fi A85W MB with 8GB of RAM and Windows 10-64.
It was my litecoin miner when I had 3 Radeon R9 cards in it.

I’m averaging about 50-60% CPU and 4GB of RAM.
My 18TBs are being scanned at 130MB/s using the latest miner.


which miner -avx?




cool, i thought maybe suggesting a different miner, but with that cpu, that appears to be the best, are you plugged into 3.0 port? does one drive take substantially longer than another?


I need to create a spreadsheet of drives, sizes, connections, etc., but I have 4 drives 2 SATA and 2 USB 3 (about to add a third).

Wait a minute, because the miner is mutli-threaded, should my scanning speed be the slowest of the 4? 3 are 25 secs, and 1 is 40 secs. I was adding them, but now I am thinking it is concurrent so my speed would be 40 secs.



it’s concurrent, upto the number of threads you CPU has - total mining speed should be the speed of your slowest drive.


Awesome. I’m feeling good.
And the only reason that the one drive is 45 secs over the others at 25 secs is because it is an 8TB and the others are 4TB. Soooo, I’m good. Thanks for all the great advice. I’m loving this forum.



I have a related question:
How do the miners (in particular blago’s ) handle multiple plot files on the same drive?
Are they all read parallel?
I plotted an 8tb drive with 4 files so it could start mining sooner and later handling is also easier - but if they are not read sequentially I guess this will greatly reduce the scanning speed.

Edit: after reading -> It would seem they are read sequential for each path?