How my burst adddress get associated with my mining?


Hi all,

just started burst mining few days ago.

I tried using creepMiner and Blago miner. Both of them do not have a place for me to explicitly set my payout address. Instead, i only set my reward recipient to my pool.

So my question is, how is my submitted DL/nonce (whatever i should call it) associated with my burst address?

So that pool knows this miner contributed and pay this miner, ie my burst address?

Is it because, the plotted nonce already contains my address?

Thank you.


The miners can see your address on the Plot files.
Plots start with your numeric ID.


oh…i see!!!

is there some psuedo code for plotting? and i am not sure why my deadlines are always in months :frowning:


How many TB you have plotted ?


i got 12 TB storage but the pool says my effective capacity is only 1TB or so…

so i am mining and plotting at the same time…

does plotting just takes so so so long time to be complete?


Plotting takes time yes, you can plot a bit faster with Turboplotter
Goburst pools take 360 blocks to determine you effective capacity.
My pool dosent use goburst but Ninja and thus it should instantly show you what your capacity is as seen by the pool. Your welcome to try us out were on discord here