How to back up your Burst wallet?

A couple questions come to mine.

  1. For my local wallet, I use my Burst ID and passphrase to access it, if I copy my wallet folder to another computer can I bring up my wallet the same way?

  2. If I lost the harddrive on my miner, could I download the latest wallet software and use the ID and passphrase to access my coins?

  3. If the above is true is there any reason to take regular backups of the wallet directory?



All you need to do is backup your passphrase however you want to do it. Write it down on a piece of paper, or put it in a text file that no one will ever get access to.

This passphrase will work with any Burst wallet software that is running correctly, and you will always have access to these coins.

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Your passphrase is the only thing you need. If you have that, you can just download a wallet, install it, and go (once it syncs). Only use a web wallet if you trust the source completely. For me, no web wallet is trustworthy. I always run local.

If you lose your mining plots, they’ll have to be replotted. No way around that.

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You don’t need your wallet ID? Isn’t that like your username and the passphrase is your password?
Yes, I know that my plots are tied to my wallet ID, so hopefully I never need a new wallet ID.

In what scenario would you need a new wallet ID? Maybe if someone compromises your wallet?

Thanks for the help!

The passphrase generates an address/id. If you have the passphrase, you have the address.

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Thank you @FlippyCakes!
Great information to know.

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I am able to get into the local wallet on my mining computer using a cached Chrome passphrase, and I installed the latest Qbundle on my primary computer, typed in my passphrase and get a different Burst ID than the other computer.

  1. Should they match if the passphrases match?
  2. Am I screwed if Chrome forgets my passphrase? :cry:
  3. So if 1 and 2 are true, should I triple check the new passphrase on the new wallet and then transfer everything over quickly before I lose everything?


Nevermind I was able to get my passwords out of Chrome using
and yes they were different, and yes once the passphrases matched my burst ID matched as well.



make sure you write down that passphrase and put it in a safe place :slight_smile:

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