How to format and preview new forum posts?


How can we quote blocks of code in this forum? I tried to put a snippet of a configuration file into a post and it came out all wrong. Even worse, there does not seem to be a way to ‘preview’ a post before submitting. The toolbar has icons for bold, link, emoji, etc. but I assume there are more text formatting options. How can I learn about them?


I think it’s Markdown and there’s an auto-preview to the right of the editor box. Have you JavaScript enabled?

Code blocks are indented by four leading spaces like this


Just highlight the desired text with your mouse before clicking the Reply button.


Markdown! Okay now it makes sense. My # resulted in a big , bold Header1-like font (that should have been a clue) :slight_smile:

The real time preview works as well, I just could not see the panel on the right side because it was overlaid with a yellow box containing a welcome message.