How to get to 32TBs quickly?


So looking at Amazon’s Seagate hard drive pricing I came up with this:

11 * 3TB @ $78 = $858
8 * 4TB @ $106 = $848
7 * 5TB @ $120 = $840
4 * 8TB @ $180 = $720
2 * 16TB @ $499 = $1000

With the clear winner at the 8TB level. Is this what everyone is going with this month?



I think you will find they are the most bang for your buck, They are SMR drives so directly plotting to them takes longer than a traditional PMR drive. They do however work great (i have a bunch) but i would advise plotting onto a internal drive and then copying over to them.


@MasterMC Definitely the best option as far as pricing, but as @jaxblack has said they will take forever to plot.


To the comment “will take forever to plot.” Amen!!

If you decide to go WD external drives rather than Seagates, they are USD $200 for the 8Tb ones, but they will plot in 4 days rather than 10 days. Still SMRs, I think, but top of the line stuff. Here’s the link at Amazon (copy and paste). Don’t forget to check BestBuy. They had them on sale once for USD$159!


I found a cheap guy on ebay who is selling used 3tb hitachi 7200 rpm internal drives for about $36 usd each. I ordered 4 and all passed with no failures or bad sectors. If you’d like the link, pm me. :wink:


+1 on WD, if you can…
Seagate disks mine just fine once they are plotted. But after 1 year of Burst mining every type of disk I could grab, I’m starting to have USB connection problems with my Seagate disks!
I couldn’t tell if its my onboard USB3 controller getting tired of running 16 external disks or the “USB to SATA” chip in the enclosure.
But every few days I “loose” some disks and have to “re-plug” them!-)
And its always the Seagate ones! Never the WD’s!


You know, I was just about to post about a Seagate 4TB that was throwing all kinds of errors via chkdsk. I was about to chunk it. But then I ripped the case off, dropped it in my miner and there isn’t a single thing wrong with it. SMH. I would have thought that the drives would fail long before the USB adapter.

I’ve about plotted 6TB on drives I had laying around, and will probably get another 16TB this weekend.

Thanks everyone!,


I keep finding these off brand 8tb drives on ebay for $170. That’s a steal for a 8tb. Normal prices, but It was just 250+ for a 8tb drive a few months ago


Do not rush when buying hard drives; you’ll get lots of deal on amazon and newegg; just register and wait for best deal.

Do not pay more than $170 for 8TB.



This is a great table. I can’t figure out why the charge less as you go up in TB per unit, but $50 more when you get to 16. Thanks Paul!:+1:


As Gringo posted above, the WD Easystore from BestBuy @ $159 is by far the best deal around. What’s inside is actually a WD 8TB Red. The ones that are $279.99 on NewEgg right now. I pull them from their enclose and put them in my 24 bay hot swap chassis’s. I got about a dozen of them so far and they are rock solid. I can plot 3 of those suckers in parallel using xplotter in a little over 48 hours.


I just bought 2 8TB Seagates from newegg with a $10 coupon. I should get them on Thursday.

I will look at Bestbuy for my next 16TB.



I got my 2 8TB Seagate SMR drives and OMG they take forever to write to… I’m thinking about changing my strategy to 500GB plots (instead of 1TB), and using an internal drive and they copying.

If that were to be better does that mean that the plotter is writing and re-writing to the drive as it is plotting? And that is what is causing the slow-down? I understand how SMR’s work versus PMR, but if the plotter is writing a continuous stream of data once, you would think it would be as fast as a copy.

I wonder if a plotter could be optimized to plot to SMR drives?



Hey MasterMC,

couple things. If you go into your device manager, you can select the drive and the under policies you can set for better performance. ex

Also i would highly encourage plotting to a regular drive and then copy over. It will make life so much easier(and much quicker)

And i am sure you thought of this but make sure your plugged into a usb 3.0 port.

How many nonces per minute is it showing averaging?


Yes and Yes.
I’ve not done either yet, just happy to have an extra 16TB laying around the house :slight_smile:

I will certainly change the Policy. Does that add any value when mining or just plotting?
If not then I will just use an internal drive and plot 500GB plots and copy over.


do not order from ebay i order 2 5tb hard drives when i open them they was not 5tb one was 700gb and the other 300gb just my luck but go on they use best buy and other real stor like this just ended

as for me i got some nice boxes $260 boxes


it just speeds up writing (plotting and or copying) i would re-enable it after drives are full as it is unnecessary then.


I just bought the 8tb seagate with the 2 hubs great sturdy and works…its nothing like plotting ona ssd though!! but it works great!!! i gotta post pics of my miners!!!


you should tell ebay you were lied too and get your money back
ive done it more then once when lied too!


Best buy will also be dropping the price on black Friday to 129.99. It’s in their preview sales ad if you want to check it out.