How to get to 32TBs quickly?


Just saw that Amazon put the 8TB SMR external drives for $149 @ prime. Think I will get 2 more.


the 8tb ones on amazon uk are c£190 with 6tb hdd coming in at c£140 making 5 of these the current best way:
6tb - (5x 140 = £700)

8tb - (4x 190 = £760 (plus 2tb left over ) :slight_smile: )


Is this as easy as copy and paste? Plot say 1TB on internal fast drive, then copy over to external usb drive?

Any links to more information?


just drag and drop the file from one drive to the other


I highly recommend using the new TurboPlotter. It will do the plotting to a faster drive and then moving over to the slower drive automatically for you. Supports CPU & GPU.