How to mine Burstcoin with OpenCL


When i try to mine Burstcoin with OpenCL,
it give this response in a dialogue box…

  • when i press Yes or No it shows this other dialogue box —>

  1. Is it possible to mine Burstcoin with OpenCL in Windows 10?
  2. What do i need to do for it to work?

Thx in advance!


It might be so that your grapic card does not support opencl. If it does you need to install opencl. If it is nvidia you need to install the drivers from their website.


Oh great! thx


Try to use jminer as miner software.


dunno which is the original one or has the burstcoin got its own jminer?


jminer is not an original one from the burstcoin developer.

Nevertheless it is a very good GPU miner!


Thing is how do i set it up? cos i’ve done everything to looking at U-tube videos are is not working still!


Be more specific, kinda difficult to help without information.