How to move some Burst from Cryptoguru?

I started mining with two computers, two separate accounts. Cleaned up everything and I’ll move all the HDs to one computer. On this second account, I got around 40 coins but I understand Cryptoguru only sends out payments after 100 coins.

It will take at least 2-3 weeks to get to 100, so is there any way I can “force” a deposit now?


There’s no way to do that unless you can get the admin to go into the pool database and do it manually.

Meaning? In a month it turned out to be only forty coins, and you can only withdraw starting at one hundred coins? What is the exchange rate of one coin now? I want to calculate how much it’s possible to mine per month.

That is not the case anymore, and you can now set your withdrawal rate see more info on the cryptoguru pools page.