How to see what I've mined


Hey guys, I’m mining on… running for going on 24 hours. I’ve watched videos, but still do not understand how to see the total amount of Burstcoin I’ve mined, for the time I’ve been mining, is this possible?


Here’s a page that explains what the numbers mean on that pool.

You can search for the last digits of your wallet address using Ctrl+F


Thanks, that’s a good breakdown of it.

So my “Total Earned” has always stated 0, when does this number change?


How much plotted space do you have? If you have less than a terabyte, it could be awhile before you submit a good deadline to the pool.


2.7TB, I’ve submitted deadlines. It shows some under ~Reward, just still nothing on Total Earned.


What about “Current Shares” ?


On the left hand side? Yes, I pop up there and am there now.


Ok, then it could be that the pool needs to hit a block, then your shares will be converted to coins.


Cool, thanks for the help. I think I’ve got an understanding for it now. I’ve mined others, but never Burstcoin, so this is new to me.