How To Set Your Reward Recipient (Most Secure) For Your Burst Address


There are several ways to set your reward recipient. Here I will show you the most secure, and what I believe to be the easiest/best way.

Collect Information

You need -

  • A wallet synced with the Burst network (local wallet for security-minded people)
  • A Burst address.
  • The correct passphrase to your burst address.
  • The wallet adress of the pool you wish to use.

The wallet address comes in two forms, the Burst Reed Solomon Address Format (aka Burst RS address, or BURST-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXX), and also as a numeric ID.

As an example, we will go to the Crypto Guru 0-100 pool page to get their address. Once on their web page,, down toward the bottom, you can see an option that says “Config”.

Click on that link, which will take you to the page that, in the case of CG pools, only provides you the numeric ID of the address.


How to get the Reed Solomon Burst Address from the Numeric ID, and Vice Versa.

Ok, so now you’ve gotten the numeric ID, but you may need the regular BURST-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXX (Reed Solomon) address (and for setting your reward assignment in this guide, you do need it). To find this out, just go to the Burst explorer , and put the numeric ID into the top right search box, and click enter. This will bring you to the details page of that particular address. You can also, instead of entering the numeric ID, enter the Burst RS address, and it will take you to the same information page.

On this screen, you can see the numeric ID circled on the left next to Account #. The regular Burst address can be seen circled to the right of that, however for it to be complete, you should prepend “BURST-” to that.

So, for the 0-100 Crypto Guru Pool, we now have:

Numeric ID - 888561138747819634

I’m going to assume you already have your Burst address and passphrase, and move on from here.

Set Reward Recipient from Wallet Dashboard (Recommended)

First, log into your wallet and make sure that the address at the top left of the screen is indeed the address that you wish to be working with. Next, click on the cogwheel function at the top right of the dashboard, and choose “Reward Assignment”.

Here, we put the Burst RS address for the CG 0-100 pool in (not your own Burst address), and change the fee to 0.1 Burst. (Although we now have the capability to use lower transaction fees, it’s highly likely that extremely low-fee transactions will be waiting for a very long time until confirmed. So, for now, until there is better reporting available to display the backlog of fee slots, I believe it’s best to stick with this now, especially to keep it simple for new users. As we move on, and the network is used more, this fee will likely need to be increased).

So, click on “Set Reward Recipient”, and off it goes. In a perfect world, this takes 4 blocks at 4 minutes each to confirm on the network. It’s never exactly this, but just expect to wait normally 15-20 minutes for your reward recipient to be set. It is entirely possibly it will be done much sooner, or take much longer.

Tracking Your Reward Assignment Confirmation

Now, you have sent your reward assignment off into the network. You can check up on this in a couple of places. First, you can see from your wallet dashboard, what you had just sent off. I have circled the transaction in red below. When the “/” becomes “4” under the Conf. column, your reward assignment is confirmed.

To double check that you reward assignment has been set, head on over to the explorer again., and put your own Burst address into the search box at the top right, and hit enter. This will bring up the information page for your address. Here, you will see your current reward assignment (I have circled this in red). If it’s not listed there, it is not set.

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