How to show BURST passphrase using Qbundle wallet



How can I see the passphrase of my account, when I use the Qbundle wallet?
In the last wallet I used (burstcoin wallet) this was easy to do as it was copied to the clipboard.

I ask, because I was playing with assets (new to me) and I wanted to withdraw a sell (I set the price WAAAAY to low). I needed the passphrase for this and was not able to get this quickly from the wallet.
By the time I got my written down passphrase, I had already sold the assets to somebody with the low price.

Thanks for any help.


You are just going to have to keep your passphrase somewhere more easily accessible…I keep mine in an encrypted text file on a thumb drive.


ok, thanks for the reply. I will do that then.
However, it doesn’t sound to handy. I mean, the wallet already has stored the encrypted passphrase.


It does. Maybe you could submit a feature request here? He has been really working on this hard lately…constant fixes and improvements.


ok, I will do that.

The Qbundle wallet so far works perfectly btw. So by no means my question/comment should taken negatively about the wallet.


Apperently it is already possible to view the passprhase in the latest wallet.