It appears the pool is down.

Anyone have any input?


I quote @Haitch from discord

Charter is having a regional outage - I’ve called to report it, but no ETA on getting back online. Am seriously pissed at the moment. This is the third day in a row their “business” class service has had extended outages


Thanks for the confirmation.
Time to setup a backup pool config file. :slight_smile:


Ah, was wondering what the problem was


Wow. Still down. Anyone have an update???


this is the 2nd mining pool that I’ve joined that has gone down in the past month


@Haitch Any updates?



My pool is up.
Pools fee: 00.25%
Payouts: 500 Burst or 750 Blocks ( 50/50% )
Mining ports: 8080 or 8880

Burst-Team has been down for a couple days, not sure what’s going on.