I am a victim of John McAfee. Please help me. ;(


Cunning and conning, John McAfee force-tweeted me into using yet another coin.

Now I have to get started, somehow. And need a few coins so I can mine.

Let’s try a little rpg-style begging…


A Dark Room.
The fire is smoldering.
The room is cold.

A modest hermit approaches.

Silently he points to his wooden food bowl.
The bowl is empty.

On the bowl you can see writing, clumsily carved into the wood.

() harshly send him away.
() with a slimy grin advise him to pump&dump some shittoken.
() fill his bowl with BURSTs of love.

The hermit walks away without a word, seemingly unshaken by your decision…
You may or may not gain knowledge of what happens next…

P.S.: rumors that this is just another alt-account of John McAfee himself are vastly exaggerated.

P.P.S.: Thanks. :slight_smile:


Sent a few your way. Welcome!


Thank you for your great introduction! Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


The Hermit nods. His eyes show appreciation of your gift.
With an awkward gesture he bestows his blessings upon you and quietly slips back into the darkness.

Somehow the fire is lit now.
The room is not so cold any more.


@HirlokTheHermit I loved your intro and you follow up.
I know I am late on this, but hey welcome to our community!
I hope you have been have a warmed up since and the fire is burning…