I cannot assin my reciepent for solo mining


I just opened an account with intention to do solo at 60tb to start. I funded my account with 1 burst… and am trying to assign my recipient as myself to do solo… and it wont accept my request. Rejected twice.
my account is… BURST-TLYV-XCFD-QZEY-A6749


Also just as a note… I am plotting 12tb ecos x12 drives at 7200 rpm… it normally takes me 8 hours to plot one drive with Poc1
Now with Poc2 it takes 19 hours. So the complexity of the plotting is significantly harder. I am using 50 cores of 56 at 2200mhz.

I can see why mining will take longer as the complexity is much harder.
Anyone have comments on this?


Additionally… as another issue… I want to set up a pool for my family members… and for working with multiple computers. Is there someone out there that can guide me as to setting up and operating a pool?



Crypto oGGy


I go to this website… and I get this page cannot be displayed.
… what was it?


He was giving you a link that works if you have the burst wallet running locally. If your wallet is synced with the network, and running properly, you would be able to open this address in your url (it points at your own computer, the Burst wallet runs a tiny http server).

Also, you can look at this guide I have written for reward assignment - https://forums.getburst.net/t/how-to-set-your-reward-recipient-most-secure-for-your-burst-address/6443

As for plotting being more difficult, I haven’t had anyone specifically give out differences yet like this. I had seen someone mention that SMR plotting could be slower in relation to PoC1, but no exact difference.