I feel that my account has been stolen


I feel that my account has been stolen. Burstcoin, which has just been transferred from pool, is quickly transferred to another strange account.
What should I do now? Reapply for an account? If the account is reapplied, will the hard disk of my plotting be re - plotting? God, 50T ah, for a long time! Is there any other solution?


If it’s not you making the transactions, yes, your account has been compromised. Creating a new one is your only recourse. That includes replotting, I’m afraid to say.

Did you use an existing phrase as your passphrase (song lyrics, phrase in a book, etc.)?


When I set up my account, I wrote passphrase to the Description column. Maybe that’s the reason. Is this description column anyone can see?


By the way, can you give me 2x burst again? Let me start again. Thank you very much.



Sent you some.

Yes, that is why it was stolen. The description field is public information. Your passphrase must be kept completely secret. There are probably bots scanning the blockchain making addresses out of any text, checking to see if they contain funds.