I have mined some Burst, I think. Now what?

I have been in the FastPool for about 2 days and my deadlines are getting shorter and shorter, which I believe is a good thing. I’ve been getting burst more and more frequently, albeit small numbers. My question is how do I claim/acquire that which I had mined? I am assuming the “burst” section of the pool site actually means I’ve earned the number. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I’m still a noob, sorry for such a dumb question… Especially if the answer is to just close the miner.
Thanks in Advance!

Hey @VisuaL_GraphicS

Looking at the fastpool.info page, if you go to the “how it works” section, it says you need to build up 50 BURST before payout happens.

I am not familiar with using the pool, but I would also assume the BURST column is your pending balance.


Thank you very much!