I just wanted to share this card


…and another angle…

…and it’s has a built in NIC…

Did I mention it’s going for ~50 bucks on Ebay?

I can hear everyone now:
“Wait. What? Why?”


There’s a good reason…

(I’m not selling this, btw.)
If anyone needs a PCI-X 64-Bit 133MHz SATA II RAID Controller Card:

If I had the money and there were drivers for Win 7 (idk if it there are) I’d be on this like white on rice. My S5000PSL(ROMB) motherboard has 2 of these slots.


Man, I could use this in a old 16-bay I have. Has an old supermicro motherboard with pci-x.

Ditto on the win7 though :frowning:

Here is the software repository for it.




Yea… I wouldn’t dig through that ftp site unless the card was “crazier” cheap.


Windows uses a generic driver for most raid cards but most of the time even when not shipped with the device a manufacturer one can be found floating around the net or even in one of those “driver packs” volunteers maintain online. I have a 10 port SATA III card that runs on pcie x2 it had not driver with its retail box nor any indication of one. It was using a generic 2006 Microsoft driver that installed automatically until I searched it on google and found a driver from 2015.i started this behaviour back in 2005 when my SIS6326 PCI graphics card wouldn’t work as dual monitor with my Foxconn’s built in gpu. I found out It would work with a hacked driver. Barring hacked driver in a search its surprising just how much more stability can be had with more efficiency if lucky to find a non generic driver. There are now websites preserving out of manufacture drivers that would not had been thought of I thought windows 10 driver base would be newer than 2006 personally. That Ebay card is sold out now BTW.


lots of older raid cards have capacity per disk limits much like PC Motherboard bios do. Sometimes there are BIOS patches released.