I’m a newbie and I need help


I’m lost iv installed de installed nothing is working even a new hardeive with just new windows ten pro and still won’t sync the qbundle and its running vary slow it won’t manualy sink or of H2 and I turned off everything firewalls virus scanner everything and it still says stopped and won’t sync it will download saying this many min and it finishes and it’s done and this many min and even leaving it over night downloading old version and then new one it’s not working can anyone help me Iv never installed it before and as a newbie i can’t get it to work is there anything I can do to make it work I’ll turn everything off if I need to


@richieI would ask you to be patient and not just open new treads to have faster answers.
That is not how things are done.
Please keep it to one place at a time, because as you will see, I am answering you in all the treads you made.
Please be patient, it is summer and people have real life, to take care of my friend.
Thank you :slight_smile:


lol, I pretty much just said the same thing in his other thread


Thank you @OMB, I am getting lost here :laughing:


Ok thank you I don’t want to make any topics I just want to fallow rule I duelsded windows prinjust that and bursts coin wallet after in the corner still says stopped and I have downloaded both H2 and other Blockchain one but nothing it gets done to fast I don’t know what to disable I just want to mine my 300TB and give back I downloaded the old version on it started syncing but I have a few miners I set this up for burst and it won’t sync even when I try downloading H2. Block chain any help would be good I have a new SSD hard drive with new windows 10 and 220 TB And I ave harddrivesready sorry if it takes longer to reply or my spelling is off I beenworking on it from an injury I got during Iraqi freedoom I’m sorry if I’m slow to text and my speech and other things from my injury it takes awhile to get everything right before I can postim sorry I just want to get this working I don’t want to talk about my survice or Injury is got hurt and still recovering every day


Not trying to be mean but because of that it just harder for me


Cognitively z