I need help getting started


I’m downloaded the new bust coin miner I can’t get it to sync not by itself or by downloading I need some help does anyone have any videos first time mining tips maybe mistakes you have made that I can learn from o have two systems that are big and when I get them going I will be happy to help people I love helping people let me know anything I need to know doing burst coin for the first time i will be donating my first mining profits right to the public but I need a little help from you guys thank you


Also, please try to use some form of punctuation. It’s very difficult to read your posts.


Yes windows yes abundant and the later vertion I could not get a bundle on block chain even downloading and even my computer would not sink I’m just going to get the wallets going and synced and familiar with the wallet and plot my two 100TB HD miners ready and set up and right everything down thank you so much if there is anything videos or anything that could help me that would be awesome thank you so much I tryed both sync and boot strap it just says stopped


Make sure your firewall isn’t blocking the wallet from communicating with the network. You need to let it pass through. Make sure your antivirus if you have one also is not flagging the software, most people add it to the exclusion list.


This is an older video, but it still applies. A quickstart VIDEO guide for ALL NEW MINERS - Setup mining easily for windows


Ok I took all anti virus off and it still saying I have mailware protector I have to get of one of the computers the other I built and never put one in I’m just going to have to take it slow and get them synced to the block chain before I can realy mine or do anything I have 110TB ploted ready


I’m lost iv installed de installed nothing is working even a new hardeive with just new windows ten pro and still won’t sync the qbundle and its running vary slow it won’t manualy sink or of H2 and I turned off everything firewalls virus scanner everything and it still says stopped and won’t sync it will download saying this many it’s done in this nomy min and even leaving it over night downloading old version and then new one it’s not working can anyone help me