I need help


check my threads in burstnation

because i cannot post a Screen shot here ty for your help again


it would appear you are not finding any deadlines, try switching to http://0-100.burst-team.us:8080 and i imagine you will start to see lots of green. Its all to do with deadlines accepted by the pool your mining in.


how do i switch pool? and im just testing it if it works before i buy a bigger HDD


if you are using the miner from the wallet you will just need to change your reward assignment to the address i posted and then wait for four blocks.


im using wallet… pool.burst-team.us and recipient address: BURST-32TT-TSAC-HTKW-CC26C is this right?


i am not sure what the accepted deadlines for that pool are, you are currently mining on that pool now?


im mining at burstminingclub


you could try http://pool.burst-team.us:8080/ if you want. that is hosted by the same admin as the other one i posted originally. Again i am not sure on the deadlines accepted but i am sure they are pretty good compared, as the one you are currently mining on only accepts deadlines up to two days, which as a new miner with very little mining power you will not find very short deadlines very often. You definitely need to switch though


ok ill try ty for the help sir