I want to change mining pool (1TB system)


Hi. My system is very small and cryptoguru’s minimum payout is too great for me. I want to change to http://pool.burst4all.com:8124/ since it’s payout currently is about 8coins comparing to 100. I’m kind of a novice too so if you could recommend a better option it would certainly be appreciated!

I would be needing 1BURST please.




careful - when i’m reading it correctly over there, you should have a 300 BURST-Trashold before pay. Thats too much for a 1 TB Plotsize… you are waiting like (i guess) 3 months or more with that setup. You should aim for at least 10 TB Plotsize.


Miner payouts are calculated after a minimum of 8 blocks after the pool wins that block.
Miner payouts are Deferred until their total pending payout is at least 300 BURST, or the earliest pending payout is over 360 blocks old.
Queued payouts are waiting to be sent to the BURST network.
Unconfirmed payouts have been sent to the BURST network but haven’t had 10 confirmations yet.
Confirmed payouts are listed as Paid.
If there are no unconfirmed payouts, and no blocks won by the pool which haven’t been shared out yet, then the balance, minus deferred payouts, is swept into the pool’s fee account


Stick with your current pool until you get a payout. Then you will have plenty of coins to switch pools. Patients is the name of this game.


If you are on a cryptoguru pool, they now have a way to get your coins earlier.

Read under “Dynamic Payout” on the right side of this page:



i’ll have a look on that! Thanks.