I want to use my GPU for mining, what software do I use?

I have a 1080Ti graphics card in my machine and I want to do several things…

  1. I want to do GPU mining. I heard that Jminer was the miner to use?
  2. I want to mine with multiple wallets.

Can someone give me some pointers to where I can get the software? What versions and so on.

Also, is there a wallet and pool where I can run multiple wallets, more effectively using all the cores in my CPU and GPU’s. If there is… what are the additional benefits? I am currently mining CryptoGuru 50/50 with 60 tb HDD space, using BlagoMiner. I’m not so sure that I am in the correct mining space or platform to fully utilize my computer capacity. Any thoughts on these issues from those who actually operate larger rigs? I will be adding at least double or triple HDD capacity in HDD space soon. And want to know the best way to set my system up where presently its simply not making it worthwhile at all.

Regards, Leslieallen

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