If you were to build a 12 PB Mining System


I’m interested in learning this new technology. I build my first computer in the 80’s, and build computers in early 90’s for friends and family. Please share your thoughts in what it would take, from the cheap version to the best of the best.
Thank you so much in advance for sharing your wisdom and knowledge.


I don’t think it will be a good investment. It would require a significant investment and not sure what will hapen to the complexity (specially after adding 12PT to the system). Bayback times are going to be longer.

So for 12 PB you will need at least 1000 12TB drives. For this you will need a minimum of 4 racks in a datacenter. Best to do this in rackmount servers. You will need 4 full cabinets and a total of 42 servers that have 24 drives each. All of those should run a decent processor like a xenon E5 and a good amount of ram. 32 GB or so. Estimated cost about half a mililon USD. But with this setup. If you would stop mining you can always start a cloud hosting service.


You could get it denser than that if you were using sone special gear. 4u 60 drives X4 +4u for dense nodes = 28u and 2880tb raw = 5760tb per rack so in 2.5 racks you would get 12pb usable power would be around 150amps at 220v one hell of a rig but cooling would be a challenge for a none data center environment


And expect to pay for 1 watt in cooling for every watt consumed.


I was going threw my numbers this morning and thinking same thing that there is no way this could be profitable if had to buy hardware.
Tested 1tb, and I earn around 1 coin every 5 days, that don’t even cover hydro no matter how much you multiply it. 10tb 100tb 1pb.

You’d have to bank on coin going up and that’s a huge gamble with how much these coins change from day to day.

Stick to what can pull out the garbage or given away is probably most profitable until coinshe future is more predictable.