Im a new to the scene and looking to get started


Hi Folks
Im new to this burst scene and i am having a bit of hassle getting access to a faucet . to get coins so i can kick off my burst life in mining.

I know i will be asking loads of questions over the next few weeks and months so please bare with me.

The first is i guess the first that all new users ask and thats can any one help me out by dropping me some coins to help me in the right direction.


I will pass on the favor when im up an running.




Sent a few your way, have fun!


wow Thank you
That was quick im still updating my block chain for the first time.


No problem, sent two to get you started, one to maybe set your name and one to set your reward assignment. If you screw up and need a few more just pop back in and someone will get you looked after.:sunglasses:


Thanks again.
LOL and it cost me 1 just to send a message to you to say thanks.

and so i begin to learn.



LOL no problem sent you another 5 to get ya back on your feet!


Cheers mate your a star


Hi there @blackdonny,
welcome to GETBURST as you can see, people here are great and ready to help.
If you have any questions just ask.
Have a great time and see you around :slight_smile: