I'm back!


Hey there guys,

Been waiting for this website to come back online for a while now, to be honest I am liking this layout and design even better than the old burst-team forums!

You guys probably haven’t heard anything from me in a while…

In the mean time, I have been working on growing a public facebook & google + community for Burst to try to get some more exposure on social media!

Great to be back!


Hey @Neq welcome to the newest Burst forum!

BUT, this isn’t a replacement for Burst-Team forums, just a different one that I brought up while the BT servers are being relocated. I of course will be announcing when those forums come back online…hopefully within a week.

These forums will stick around though, so I hope everyone sticks around :slight_smile:


Hey @Neq and @ryanw,
I am back as well. I have been a lot, even stopped being active on pretty much anything that was BURST related :frowning:
I am so happy to be here and to see all the positive work, that is here and going to be on this forum.
This is what BURST needs a great community and positivity.
Let do this tougher and watch BURST grow, in a beautiful organic way that will benefit everyone.
Most importantly let’s do it having a great time tougher :heart_eyes_cat:

Thanks @ryanw and everyone here:kissing_heart:
This is going to be awesome!!!


Welcome our newest moderator @Estie_Trixie :slight_smile:
Thank you for coming. I reached out to here earlier and asked if she could come be a part of the forum. So…bother here with any questions you have please … J/K :wink:


Thanks @ryanw and everyone here.
Don’t start asking me to much questions right now, I am still making my way around :joy:
I can’t wait to help out and have some fun.
Thank you so much :kissing_heart:


Even better!

I will be sticking around for sure!

@Estie_Trixie Yes definitely, I was starting to have my doubts for a while but the progress in the last few weeks is awesome to see! Great job team!


@Neq thank you so much.
WOW! That is the best thing I have heard in a long time.
Thank you my friend :kissing_heart:
Let’s BURST!!!