Im in


Hello all,
Just starting mining with 1.5 To. and 200/Mbps symetric fiber channel
Can some one send me one Burst to starting the process, ad witch pool do i need ?
Thx for your help



I sent you a few coins. They should show up in a few minutes.


Thank’s a lot for the send do i need to sent it back after ?
what can i expet with my configuration, every week ?


If to. means Terrabytes then maybe 200-400 burst a month i would estimate. Just enough to get you hooked and start buying more drives…As for your internet speed, that probably wont make much difference. Good luck and have fun!


ok i understand, how to have public key ?
400 BURST Egal to 2$ ?


@rleboucher No, there is no need to send anything back. Help others when you can.


@rleboucher change your wallet name or send a message or stuff like that - youll get a public key.
400 burst equal roughly 2.75 american dollar


@rleboucher welcome to GETBURST,
as you can see it is a great place with Bursters ready to help.
I wish you luck in your mining and a great time BURSTing.
Have fun and keep BURSTing :smile: