I'm New and Learning how to mine



I think I need some Burst to start this off. Any help is much appreciated and I can return the favor once I figure this out :slight_smile:


Sent you a couple to help you get started. Welcome!


I think I made a mistake.
I’m using the QBundle local wallet and it is confusing. The address I gave was BURST-AUTS-JF9X-WLQB-3AYFW. At the time I thought it was working. I saw the transaction go through but when I logged out and tried to login again I noticed that the address was different. I think I screwed up. I owe you big time.

Is this a bug? Everytime I type any passphrase it seems to create a totally new account.


This is not a bug. Every combination of passphrase characters points at (more or less) a different address.

So, you type in PASSWORD1, you see the corresponding address value. Type in PASSWORD10, that points at a different one.

Until you create a public key for your address (aka activating your wallet), an address can actually have more than one passphrase…although it’s still very difficult to find the other passphrase character combinations.


So I think it’s lost forever because I don’t have the passphrase for BURST-AUTS-JF9X-WLQB-3AYFW

owe you 3 burst