Im new to Burst mining


Hello everyone.

Im new to this Burst mining

In order to start mining i need atleast 1 Burstcoin

Is there anyone that can help me started with that , i pay double back when generated.


Have a nice day (:wink:


Sent you a couple to start you off, welcome!


Hello i can see that this wallet you have sent to is the 1 that is bugged for me i created another wallet that works for me is

I totally forgot to edit my question in here, if you are a kind person to send 1 to this acc i will pay you double back :smile:


Sent you two to that new address, good luck


Thank you so much

i have plotted 1TB how much can i expect to get from this and what poll do you thnik i should join ? :smile:


I recommend ZERO FEE Pool

You will get around 5 Burst per day on average. Some days less, some days more. BUT, the pool payout mininum is 100 BURST…so it will take you some weeks to get paid out.